When I was proposed to go for a coaching walking session, I thought this would be a great opportunity to focus in a short time frame on a very personal matter.
Suzanne is really supportive in her role of coach, and she surprised me a couple of times. She was able to pinpoint and target things so that I had to get more precise towards my personal feellings and needs.
I felt that I had her total attention which is an amazingly powerful motivator. Thanks to this session I got a better understanding of my ongoing emotions.

— Expat partner, CZ

As a young professional from Ghana – West Africa, what struck me most was how Suzanne was able to connect with me right from our very first meeting, despite the wide cultural differences. Suzanne’s ability to ask the right questions, listen keenly and share experiences is unparalleled. During the course of our meetings, she consistently challenged me to reach for my inner self, have a much clearer understanding of my passion and motivation, so I can align with my personal and career development.
Suzanne is passionate about seeing people reach for their potential. Her invaluable knowledge and relevant experience in coaching far exceeded my expectations. She has a unique ability to mix professionalism with friendliness, which made the interactions with her much more valuable and fun.
She challenged me to have a broader perspective on life, and I’m confident the lessons she taught me has provided a strong foundation for the next stage of my life.

— Kwadwo, currently living in CZ

Coaching with Suzanne was very helpful for me. She was able to really listen and react on my current situation. What I liked the most was that she always let me decide what I wanted to talk about. When there was a topic I was not ready to open, she respected it. Thanks to several meetings I realized a lot of things which I actually somehow knew, but I just needed help of someone and Suzanne did a great job.
— Master student, CZ

Although I was mostly familiar with what my job would entail before moving, the Netherlands itself was a complete new world. The first few months were rough to say the least, and that’s when Suzanne’s support was crucial. Through regular phone calls and physical meetings, I was able to distance myself from the situations around me and understand where those I interacted with on a daily basis were coming from. It learned about the new country I was in, I grew as a person, and ultimately felt at home.
Suzanne’s help as a coach was vital, as without her perspective, outside of my routine and daily activities, integration in this new country and performance at my job would have been significantly hindered for a longer period of time. I would recommend Suzanne as a coach to anyone facing a similar change in their lives!

— Business analyst, FIAT, Portugal

I have to say that Suzanne is very good listener. The sessions with her helped me to re-organize my thoughts. She basically led me to discover myself what is holding me back. I enjoyed talking to her and the fact that I had a space to talk about things that worried me. She asked me the right questions, which made me realise I wanted and needed to do some things differently.
— Entrepreneur, CZ

Suzanne helped me to make a great start to get my “new” (expat) life in the Czech Republic in order. Suzanne has helped me to prioritze what I find important in my life. Suzanne can listen to what you have the say and gives you suitable advice. Suzanne also introduced me with mindfulness, an interest I didn’t know I had
— Expat partner, CZ

I have gotten to know Suzanne as a very bright and pure person. She as the capability of relating to both the rational mind and practical situations as well as emotional and more spiritual themes. She is a great communicator and with her empathic and pragmatic qualities Suzanne has frequently helped me to develop new perspectives and solutions relevant for my personal development in the long run while also taking current circumstances into account. Oftentimes with a great sense of humor she has helped me to discover and broaden my ‘playing field’.
— Entrepreneur/Psychologist, NL

I know Suzanne as coach of the board of AIESEC the Netherlands. She coached a seven person team that was under high pressure to perform and in doing so was troubled by multiple internal team conflicts. Suzanne was able to quickly earn the trust of the team members, created an open environment and actively guided the team in resolving and preventing conflicts. In doing so she had a tremendous impact on the results achieved by the team and its individuals. In addition; she was incredibly fun to work with! I would definitely recommend her to anyone in search for a coach that can help individuals or teams perform and is able to handle difficult situations.
— Management Consultant, Accenture NL

Suzanne makes you feel at ease. I had the feeling I could really trust her. Her open mind is the reason I could open up and be honest about myself. I also appreciate her sense of humor, which helps to put things into perspective. Suzanne has a gift in widening your view; during our sessions I always discovered more solutions to a problem than I initially thought were available. Our conversations have given me new insights in my behaviour that I could directly apply to my job.
— Librarian, NL

Suzanne is smart and a good advisor. I often liked hearing what she thought because she sees things clearly and her point of view brings value to the table. (..). She has a sincere interest in the people around her and therefore builds strong relationships (..)
— Manager, Alliander (Dutch utility company), NL

Having Suzanne as a friend has allowed me to never really have the feeling I had to consult a coach. Whenever I struggle with work or with keeping the work/life balance in check, Suzanne asks me the exact right questions allowing me to get myself back on track. She is full of (practical) wisdom and has the capability to zoom out, which puts things into perspective. I would highly recommend Suzanne if you would consider getting a coach.
— Entrepreneur/news editor, NL