Life Coaching

The automatic pilot. A term that is used to describe a state in which we move forward. It’s a state where we move passively. We don’t need to make an effort to maintain this state. In the automatic pilot we show our default behaviour; we don’t speak out our minds because we learned that we might get hurt doing so, we tend to work hard because we learned that keeping others happy prevents us from a feeling of failing, or we just simply paralyse when things get difficult. It is often a pattern of behaviour that proved to be useful to us somewhere in the past. It protected us. But not everything that we’ve learned in the past is useful to us today. A lot of us come to a point in life where we recognise a pattern of behaviour is holding us back in order to lead a more happy and fulfilling life.

Would you like to get a better understanding of your behaviour? Would you like to break old patterns and start new ones, but are not sure how? Or you don’t know what you are heading to in life? You feel lost? You feel like something is missing? You lack confidence or deal with fears that hold you back from doing what really makes you happy? You would like to improve your overall lifestyle? Or you are dealing with a big change in your personal life, that is just to overwhelming or painful to ignore?

Then life coaching could be for you.

At Growthsparks we are dedicated to find a form of coaching that fits your personal needs. If you have questions about the different types of coaching or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to reach out.