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I’m Suzanne Veeken, certified coach, trainer, and founder of Growthsparks.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been wondering why we act the way we do, and how understanding our behaviour can help us move forward in life. This personal interest led me to study sociology, where I learned how our behaviour is constructed through interaction with others. Useful insights, which I was able to apply when I was working as a change management, learning, and HR consultant for a leading international firm. During these years I saw, and shaped, the various ways multinationals deal with change; from strategy-making at the board level to actual implementation of change at the employee level. An interesting job that often led to nods of approval at parties.

The work satisfied my corporate curiosity, and helped me to build a foundation that’s still bearing fruit in my current work. However, I felt too far away from what mattered most to me; people. This discovery felt like an itch I just couldn’t ignore.

Then – like to many of us – I had an encounter with the man with the hammer. Luckily for me it was brief. Definitely not fun. It made me realise I wanted to spend more time and energy on what makes me happy, and collecting nods of approval was just not going to do it for me. So I followed my consistent source of interest – the human behaviour – and decided to start Growthsparks Coaching and Training. Life threw in a couple of additional surprises that made it possible to make another dream come true, living and working abroad.

Today, I work as a certified coach (accredited by the EMCC on Practitioner level in 2015) and trainer. As a professional I’ve been described by clients as a fast thinker, someone with a sincere interest in people, credible, and not afraid to bring a bit of humor to the table.