Emptying a bucket of clarity

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Journaling. It has become somewhat of a buzzword. It’s also more often introduced in coaching, and I’m a fan. I also believe it is not only for clients who naturally feel attracted to words and language, as journaling is more about jotting down thoughts than to create an entertaining story, or grammatically perfect sentences. It’s just for you and does not need to serve a purpose.

Productivity guru David Allen keeps on reminding us; everything that’s in your head is taking up space. So if you take it out and put it somewhere else – like on paper – you could end up with more mindspace during the day. For example, another big fan of journaling, Tim Ferris, explains in one of his blogs how journaling every morning helps him to prepare for the day ahead. And according to the Huffington Post, journaling could leave you with all sorts of benefits.

Personally, journaling provides me with the comforting feeling that my most precious memories, craziest adventures and, sometimes, deepest feelings of sadness are captured and accessible anytime in the future. So, first of all, I find it soothing; it serves as an antidote to the feeling that life can run through your fingers like water.

When I flip through the pages of my old journals, something always becomes painstakingly clear. I see that certain drives, feelings, and patterns that I can clearly recognise today, were already there in the past. I was just not aware of it. The beauty of reading old notes, is to see in hindsight how insights came to the surface. And that most powerful insights did not come over night, but emerged slowly.

In case there is a storm passing through your life and you feel like it’s overshadowing everything else, there is simple journaling treatment available; write down three things that you are thankful for that day. It takes less than five minutes and can make you go to sleep with a different state of mind.

For me journaling can feel like emptying a bucket full of clarity above my head. I hope it has the same effect for you.

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