What Growthsparks has to offer:

Expat Coaching

Are you an expat on a mission, an expat to-be or the partner of an expat? You are currently not feeling at home, you are looking for work, or are not sure how to give your ‘new life’ meaning? You would like to know how you can be prepared for your ‘new life’? Learn More..

Life Coaching

Do you feel you lost track and don’t know where you’re heading in life? Do you feel like something is keeping you from reaching your goals? Would you like to break with old patterns and start with new ones? Learn More..

Career Coaching

Are you not feeling satisfied with work, but don’t know what your next move should be? Do you have an idea of what your dream job looks like, but you don’t know how to get there? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Learn More..

(Corporate) Training

Interactive trainings offered by Growthsparks are always tailored to the needs of the participants. Learn more about the offerings here. Learn More..

Have you taken a big leap recently? Gotten a new position, started your own business, changed of careers? Or did you move to a new country? Maybe you currently feel like you are ready to take first steps to make changes in your life, but you don’t know how to really start. Or you find yourself in unexpected circumstances; a break-up, a stressful situation, a layoff, or maybe – it happens – you’ve fallen in love in way that has turned your entire world upside down.

Whatever situation you’re in; your state of being goes from being curious, puzzled, overwhelmed, and worried and you’d like to feel more clarity, be more at ease, and feel more trusting and confident about what you are facing.

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Growthsparks is a coaching practice that specialises in dealing with personal and organisational change. Growthsparks also offers soft skills training, and teaches organisations how to deal with a constantly changing environment.

It is Growthsparks’ aim to be helpful. You can expect a supportive and safe environment. At the same time it is Growthsparks’ aim to be useful. So you can expect a fair coach or sounding board who is willing to share observations, tools and experiences. And if you are one of those that prefers a bit of structure; Growthsparks coaching makes use of established methods and can offer a structured approach to dealing with change.

Does the above ‘spark’ your interest? Or you would like to have a meaningful conversation without any commitments? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.